Codexa offers consulting services in web and software development.
The offered services are the following

Software development

You have a project in mind? Something to propel your organization further?
At Codexa, we got all the expertise you need to make it become reality.
Contact us to see how Codexa can help you improve your business operations.

Software maintenance

Do you want a maintenance contract on your system?
That way, you will never have to feel powerless whenever your system decides to cause you trouble.
A maintenance contract is a flat rate service that offers you the peace of mind you need.

Software enhancement

You need to add or enhance a feature on your system?
Let us know so we could see with you what can be done!

Software rebuild

You system rely on very old technologies that are no longer convenient to work with?
At codexa, we offer to take an existing system is rebuild it with today’s most recognized
methodologies and technologies. Fast, reliable and easier to maintain, contact us to obtain an estimate.